What Ita Does

ITA is an organization that provides operational flexibility for university researchers, industry, government, and investment partners, alike.  It is staffed by a core of business-savvy technology experts who will work closely with UCLA faculty, industrial partners and government agencies to facilitate the development and eventual commercialization of high-impact ideas.  The flexible organizational structure of ITA complements existing capabilities of both the university and industry, and allows the center to move quickly to promote the transition of discoveries to development and commercialization.  ITA supports three types of research:

Transitional Research

Transitional research can be funded by either government or industry.  Typically, transitional research focuses on demonstrating technical feasibility of technologies and reducing risk in the transition from the laboratory to market.  The focus of transitional research is on known, rather than emerging, markets.

Incubating Research

Incubating research focuses on innovative ideas for new applications and emerging markets.  Seed funding to support this type of research can be supported by various sources.  Ultimately, incubating research could result in a spin-out company funded by leveraging various sources, such as SBIR/STTR grants, development contracts, debt financing, and venture capital.

Near-term R&D Support to Industry

ITA can also facilitate near-term research and development projects that support industry needs by leveraging its flexible infrastructure to enable access to university expertise.  The ITA can enable industry service agreements. 

ITA Support to University Researchers

The ITA, as an organization and through its Technology Strategists, is a conduit to local, state, and federal government agencies, industry, and the venture capital investment community.  The ITA will also support filing of high-value intellectual property through its programs, all coordinated with UCLA’s Office of Intellectual Property. 

ITA’s Technology Strategists provide support to develop researchers’ concepts and ideas.  Their industry experience and knowledge can help understand and assess the potential value of the concepts.  The Technology Strategists can assist in “packaging” the concept to be most effective in attracting potential partners and funding.  If successful in securing funding, the Technology Strategists can manage the programs and facilitate communications.  They can also facilitate intellectual property capture and transition, including licensing of the technology, and establishing spin-out companies that may result.

ITA’s Technology Strategists can also help bring research opportunities to university researchers.  They are able to match external needs from government or industry to university expertise.  They are also able to formulate solution-driven, multi-disciplinary teams to address external research and development opportunities.  Technology Strategists will also support developing strategies and proposals to funding agencies and potential technology transition partners they identify.