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Success Stories

Nama Development

Nama Development™ is a technology development and licensing company. Its Isomax™ cellular material achieves theoretical bounds for isotropic stiffness, making it one of the lightest yet strongest engineering materials.

Pictured: Jonathan Berger

Watch their video: Nama Development


Emerging cellular therapies have shown incredible potential as “living drugs” that achieve personalized treatments in a variety of healthcare fields and represent a growing market of $1.8 billion with a 10% CAGR.

Pictured: Jeff F Miller

Watch their video: Ferrologix

Carbon Upcycling

Carbon Upcycling is working towards manufacturing CO2-neutral building materials with captured carbon emissions.

Pictured: Gabriel Falzone

Watch their video: Carbon Upcycling

Element 16

Element 16 Technologies is a team of experienced engineers focused on powering a brighter future through disruptive energy technology development.

Pictured: Parker Wells

Watch their video: Element 16

Womb Box

As a neonatologist working in the NICU, Joanna was struck at how much hospital spaces for infants differed from the warm, nurturing environment of the womb. She became dedicated to studying the womb in order to recreate it for infants born prematurely, and to give full-term babies a way to transition comfortably from the familiarity of their mothers into a new world. 

Pictured: Joanna Parga-Belinkie

Watch their video: Womb Box


MobIQ enables the real-time vertical mobile network analytics inside our smartphones. It saves network operators time and money when troubleshooting user complaints about mobile service quality.

Pictured: David Ertl

Watch their video: MobIQ


With more than 6 million dental implants being placed in the US each year, Mplant™ offers a cutting edge technology that assists the dental practitioners at the hardest stage of the treatment: “treatment planning”.

Pictured: Rami Beshai

Watch their video: Mplant

B+ Smart

A novel technology that incorporates control techniques, machine learning algorithms, discrete signal processing, and optimization methods in form of a integrated hardware/software device to dynamically compensate for renewable intermittency and load uncertainty in the power grid.

Pictured: Hamidreza Nazaripouya


Teens are now the most stressed age group in the U.S., and they live in the most distracted time in history. This makes it harder than ever for teachers to do their jobs. LearnIn’s digital mindfulness course helps students focus their minds and manage their emotions so they can succeed in school. Through their custom digital learning platform, they provide highly personalized and interactive digital courses that are taught using best practices from Educational Psychology.

Pictured: Alissa Mrazek

Watch their video: LearnIn


MKCollective introduces a platform with several tools that provide interactive, real-time and automated debugging services for big data processing.

Pictured: Muhammad Ali Gulzar

Watch their video: MKCollective